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Corporate Information


May, 1950 Tsuchida sekimen Kogyosho is established for the purpose of distributing asbestos products (mainly insulations, fireproof materials and packings). Becomes a distributor for Nihon Asbestos (now Nichias) and begins distributing asbestos products to Central Japan Heavy Industries Limited (now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) as its main customer.
August, 1958 Reorganizes as Tsuchida sekimen Kogyosho (capital, ¥3,000,000). Yoshihiro Tsuchida is appointed president.
August, 1961 Construction Material Sales Division and Insulation Installation Division are added and the company begins providing design and installation work.
May, 1965 Becomes a distributor for Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. and begins distributing high pressure rubber hoses and antivibration rubber to the Building Site Equipment Division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Akashi Factory.
November, 1966 Trade name is changed to Tsuchida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
July, 1967 Sakaide Liaison Office opens with the establishment of the new Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
March, 1968 The head office is built in Tsukamoto Dori, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City
May, 1970 Akashi Office opens and Sakaide Liaison Office becomes Sakaide Office.
September, 1977 Becomes a distributor for Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. and begins sales activities.
April, 1979 Enters into an exclusive dealership contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioner Sales (now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kinki Sales) and begins distributing Beaver air conditioning units and related products produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
July, 1979 Becomes a distributor for Japan Drive-It and begins sales activities.
September, 1979 Begins processing and producing sound-proof covers for compressors for Kobe Steel, Ltd., Takasago Works at the Akashi Office.
November, 1980 Transfers the processing and production work to Mitakara Sangyo Co., Ltd., but continues with the distribution of sound-proof covers.
May, 1985 Begins the distribution of products made by Okamura Corporation as a distributor affiliated with Mitsubishi Corporation.
December, 1986 Becomes a member of the Okamura Pearl, the distributing agent for Okamura Corporation.
March, 1989 Sadako Tsuchida is appointed president.
December, 1990 Akiyoshi Tsuchida is appointed president.
January, 1995 The head office building is completely destroyed in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and part of the Akashi Office is damaged. The head office organization moves to the Akashi Office.
May, 1995 The Sagamihara office is established to 4502-1, Kamimizo, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken.
March, 1997 The new head office building is built and the head office organization is reinstated.
August 1998 With the business expansion, the Akashi Office becomes the Akashi Branch.
November, 1999 Begins business with Shikoku Railway Company.
May, 2000 Sagamihara Office moves to Nihonmatsu.
August, 2004 With the business expansion, the Akashi Branch moves into the newly built office in Yahatacho, Kakogawa City.
April, 2005 Begins business with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Harima Plant.
September, 2006 Sales of all asbestos products are completed.
March, 2007 With the business expansion, Sagamihara Office moves into the newly built office in Shiroyamacho, Sagamihara City.